This program requires an extensive background in calculus, physics, organic chemistry, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology and virology. Laboratory courses in at least three of the last five subjects must be completed. However, research experience in those fields may, in certain cases, be substituted for formal laboratory courses.

 If your background meets this criteria, we encourage you to apply. If not, another program may be better suited to your background.


Admission is contingent upon the successful completion of a bachelor of science degree, or equivalent. Applications are evaluated on the basis of grades (minimum 3.0 GPA), three recommendation letters, and other relevant qualifications. Foreign students will be required to submit a TOEFL score and occasionally a TSE score. Applicants from India must submit one of the following in order to be eligible for Graduate studies consideration: a continuous 4 year degree from an accredited University, College or Institution or a completed 3 year Bachelor’s accompanied with a completed 2 year Masters. The combination of 3+2 would be the equivalent of the U.S. Bachelor’s. We do not accept a straight 3 year Bachelor’s nor do we accept a 1 year completion of the 2 year Masters in the 3 + 2 combination. Deadline to apply for the Fall quarter is March 1st.