Coursework and Examination Requirements:

M.S. Plan II: 17 required courses, a minimum of 77 units, a zero unit Proseminar sequence in the first year (defined below), and a comprehensive examination (presentation and paper) which will be administered during the jointly taught capstone course in the spring quarter of year 2.

Required and Recommended Courses:


A total of 9 courses adding up to 36 units. These include the Intensive (MBA 200 Responding to Dynamic Times: Thinking Strategically in Business), Applied Consulting (MBA 298), and Business Plan (MBA 213 New Venture Management or MBA 214 Entrepreneurship) classes, and at least 6 courses from the Merage School of Business, of which:

  • 3 must be selected from the following 5 courses (MBA201B, Management Science, MBA202, Organizational Behavior for Management, MBA203A, Financial Reporting for Management, MBA205, Marketing Management, MBA209A, Managerial Finance) and categorized as required courses
  • 2 must be selected from the following 4 courses (MBA264 US Healthcare Policy, MBA285, Supply Chain Management, MBA287, Project Management, MBA292, Business and Government) and categorized as restricted elective courses
  • 1 additional elective course of the student’s choosing


A total of 7 courses adding up to 36 units. These include:

  • 2 core biological science courses (MB204 and MB203)
  • 2 additional graduate level elective courses in biological sciences or biomedical engineering
  • 1 teaching laboratory course focusing on essential methods in biotechnology (MB252L)
  • 2 quarters of research (4 units in winter quarter of year 2 and 8 units in spring quarter of year 2) whereby students will engage in independent research with a faculty member of their choosing (School of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering; requests to perform research in labs outside of Biological Sciences or Biomedical Engineering will be considered on a case by case basis).

Proseminar Course (MBA 211, year 1)

This three quarter sequence provides students with information and practical skills for success in the program and for career planning. The goal is to help clarify career goals and develop skills and techniques to successfully manage the job search process for employment upon graduation and throughout one’s career. This will be accomplished through workshops, presentations, webinars, and meetings with career counselors. Topics include resume writing, job interview coaching, company hiring practices, and career advice and counseling.

Capstone Course (year 2)

“Biotechnology Management” (MB 253/MBA 293, 5 units), jointly taught by Biological Sciences and Business School faculty, is designed to integrate the program’s two year curriculum. Successful completion of the course project also satisfies the comprehensive exam requirement for the Plan II Masters.  The curriculum will address a number of management issues in the biotech industry including finance, product development, pharmaceuticals, project management, regulatory affairs and ethics. Guest lecturers from the biotech industry may also be invited to talk about both the scientific and management sides of their companies.

Sample Program

Sample Program_MSBTM