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Graduate Programs in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry offers three graduate programs: A multi-disciplinary Ph.D. thesis program, a master’s of science in biotechnology, and a master’s of science in biotechnology management. For continuing and prospective students, information is available regarding the course of study leading to the Ph.D. degree below.

Graduate Studies

The department offers graduate study in conjunction with the program in Cellular and Molecular BioSciences. Students admitted into the combined program who select a research advisor in the department begin following the departmental requirements for the Ph.D. at the beginning of their third year. Participation in an advanced topics seminar series and completion of at least one course per year for three years are expected of all students.

The Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry also offers two programs leading to a master of science degree. The Master’s Program in Biotechnology emphasizes coursework and practical training and experimental rationales for solving actual research problems. Students are encouraged to take summer internships in industry during the course of their studies.

The Master of Science Program in Biotechnology Management (MSBTM) is a multidisciplinary program offered jointly with the Paul Merage School of Business and the Department of Biomedical Engineering. It is a professional program designed to provide essential training in both science and management. The curriculum emphasizes innovation, and is designed to bridge the gap between the scientific and business sides of the biotechnology industry. Graduates will have the flexibility to enter the job market as scientists, managers, or both.

Applications for admissions are accepted for Fall quarter only. Please refer to the appropriate graduate program page for specific admissions deadlines and entrance requirements.


If you have general questions regarding the admission process for the Master of Science in Biotechnology program, or the Master of Science Program in Biotechnology Management, or specific questions regarding coursework or departmental faculty research interests, you may contact

If you have questions regarding the admission process for the doctoral degree in Cellular and Molecular BioSciences, you may contact Morgan Oldham at

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